Pandora’s Box

“Wet Dreams” by JK Potter. A woman lies asleep, perhaps dreaming underneath a blanket that is the sea. In the sea we see the fins of dolphins. There is a full moon in the purple sky.

The future beckons —
Are you listening yet?

The year was 1977 … this man had just written and produced (along with Todd Rundgren), what would one day become the biggest debut album of all time. The album was called ‘BAT OUT OF HELL’ and his name was JIM STEINMAN.

Since then Jim Steinman has been writing and producing for an extraordinarily diverse range of artists. From his one and only solo album ‘Bad for Good’ and his involvement with Bonnie Tyler on ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ (No. 1 Grammy nominated top song of 1983), to his work as a producer with The Sisters of Mercy (This Corrosion and Dominion/Mother Russia) … one thing has remained unchanged; That sound, so breathtakingly excessive, it could only be ‘the Richard Wagner of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ (L.A. Times). Failing that, try ‘the Phil Spector of the ‘80’s’ (Billboard).

It is now 1989 … and Jim Steinman has unleashed a wonderful new phenomenon — PANDORA’S BOX, the band, ORIGINAL SIN, the album — open it up and the sins of the world come flooding out …

On ORIGINAL SIN, the themes touched upon are many and varied but redolent of Steinman’s recurrent obessions; the dark and dangerous side of love; sin and eroticism; damnation and glory … STEINMAN has recruited four female vocalists who collectively make up PANDORA’S BOX — Steinman himself plays Keyboards and provides spoken parts with TODD RUNDGREN arranging and singing background vocals.

ORIGINAL SIN — moments of pure opera and sections of spoken word, impressively grand piano and epic colossal Rock ‘n’ Roll …

ORIGINAL SIN — sixty eight minutes of music — on Compact Disc, Cassette and Double Album.