Some stats

On April 7th of 2009 I made some changes to this website, which meant that I could add some visitor tracking to all pages. Here are some of the relevant numbers for last year.

There were 8,505 visits from 5,872 absolute unique visitors who stayed for 1:58 on average. With 2.61 pages per visit, that’s good for 22,220 pageviews. Since April, there has been a strong upward trend: the number of visitors in December is almost twice as high.

Visitors stopped by from 90 countries. The top 5 is as follows:

  1. Germany
  2. United States
  3. United Kingdom
  4. The Netherlands
  5. Poland

Unsurprisingly, search engines account for 69.04% of all visitors, and Google is king. At least 3,850 keywords end up at this website, ranging from snippets from lyrics to artists names, ect.

The three most popular albums are:

  1. Tanz Der Vampire — Die Gesamtaufnahme
  2. Taniec Wampirów
  3. Patti Russo — MySpace

The browser stats is where it gets really interesting: Internet Explorer gets a beating from all other browsers!

  1. Internet Explorer 46.62% (IE7: 51.37%, IE8: 36.34%, IE6: 12.23%, IE5.5: .05%)
  2. Firefox 39.27%
  3. Opera 5.01%
  4. Safari 4.99%
  5. Chrome 3.48%

If you promise to stop by again in 2010, I’ll promise that I’ll continue to update and tweak the site whenever I feel like it. ;-)