A round of minor updates

Last week, I received a 1991 promo-cd of The Garage Project featuring Patti Russo. You can find all the details I could find on the Let the Good Times Roll page. Also, I added the lyrics to "Don’t Ever Put Out the Flame" (a work in progress song she’s just added to her MySpace) to the other unreleased tracks page.

And while we’re on the topic of work in progress songs: Meat Loaf is in the studio recording his new album. One of the songs that might make it is Los Angeloser, witten by James Micheal (who wrote "Did I Say That?" and co-wrote "Blind as a Bat", "Couldn’t Have Said It Better", "Love You Out Loud" and "Man of Steel".) I’ve added a temporary page for the lyrics of his demo version.

And Dans der Vampieren is still off. Total bummer.

On a final note, I’m doing some Meat Loaf related blogging at the moment on my weblog. See the link on the sidebar.