Updates, New Loaf and Dancing Vampire news

Lately, I seem to be on an online shopping spree. Lots of Dusty Springfield records, and some items related to this website. And in case you start to worry, don’t. I’m not starting a Dusty website anytime soon. Here’s the list of updates.

In other news, Meat Loaf is in the studio recording a new album, and provides, ahem, useful updates via Twitter. (If you like, you could also start following me, but I tweet mostly in Dutch and it’s very rarely Meat Loaf/Steinman related.) The album is scheduled for sometime next year, and one of the songs which is being recorded is Los Angeloser, written by James Michael who also (co-)wrote "Did I Say That", "Couldn’t Have Said it Better" and "Blind as a Bat".

Dans der Vampieren is the official title of the Belgian version of Tanz der Vampire. There are two limited runs in Antwerp (December 20, 2009—January 3, 2010) and Ghent (February 3–14). Ze zijn op komst seems to be the gateway to all official information.