Getting <em>so</em> excited

As I said before, there’s not a lot left for me to collect. If you don’t count a ‘live’ version of "Blind as a Bat" that can only be found on a single that was never commercially released (and of which only one copy is known to exist), I have a hard copy of every song Meat Loaf has ever released. Dito for mr. Steinman and Pandora’s Box, and my Bonnie Tyler collection is as complete as I need it to be. So what’s left? Mostly odds and ends by Karla DeVito and Ellen Foley (most of her singles–like The Shuttered Palace–contain album tracks as b-sides, with Boys in the Attic being an exception as it contains a non-album track), and additional but superfluous single versions like the special half-speed mastered edition of Jim’s Lost Boys and Golden Girls single. Exciting, huh?.

So the most exciting bit is probably the page for the three new tracks by Ellen, that are available from her MySpace, iTunes and the like. You can also read my thoughts about download stores on my weblog.