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Site Improvement Survey Results

The survey about improving this website is now closed, and I’d like to thank all of you who have taken the time to fill it out.

The main take-away seems to be that you like the site like it is, with all discographies chronologically sorted, and all lyrics and information on one page. That won’t change much, then. As for the rest:

  • To make the site more visually appealing, I have already started to add album covers to the overview pages: the new Tanz der Vampire page and the Pandora’s Box page are completed, and I’m pretty happy with that look.
  • As adding more images met with general approval, I worked on two pages. Head over to the “Bat Out of Hell II” or “Welcome to the Neighborhood” pages to take a look. I’m quite pleased with the especially the latter one, as that now includes the original sources for the artwork used. (As I am trying to keep this website snappy, even with a bunch of images, I added a bit of JavaScript to lazy load them.)
  • Navigation does not really seem to be a problem, so I’m keeping that as is, eventhough I might tweak it a bit.
  • Script pages could use a bit of attention. It was suggested to make the formatting of the scripts constistent, regardless the source document, and I like that idea. I will also look into adding some additional navigation for scripts, as they’re quite long.
  • I will try to add more relevant, additional information and do some more interlinking.
  • Social sharing buttons are definatly not missed, and will not be added.

Finally, in a addition to the RSS feed (what’s RSS?) I have started an Twitter account, @MLJSlyrics, for updates and random snippets of lyrics. Or, for you to get in touch. There might be a Facebook page in the future as well.


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