Meat Loaf 99 (The Very Best of Meat Loaf Tour)

With more than 50 million album sales and loads of awards and honours behind him, Meat Loaf has to be a contender for the title of hardest working man in show business.

European Tour 1999

Thu18BelfastKings Hall

Fri02CardiffInternational Arena

Sat01FussenArena Fussen
Thu06ExeterWestpoint Arena
Sun09CardiffInternational Arena

Rock ‘n’ Roll came from the slaves singing gospel in the fields. Their lives were hell and they used music to lift them out of it, to take them away. That’s what rock ‘n’ roll should do — take you to a better place.

I do not do anything where I do not give 100%. I will give it in my shows and I will give it tomorrow, because that’s who I am.

There should be no boundaries on artistic endeavour. I refuse to let that into my life. You know what the other side is? It’s a closed door and the closed door leads nowhere.

The Band

Kasim Sulton — MD, Bass Guitar, Vocals

Kasim Sulton has been a world class musician since his first professional gig with Todd Rundgren and Utopia in 1976 — ironically the same year he played bass guitar on Bat Out Of Hell. Since then he has played on dozens of albums with artists as diverse as Patti Smith and Celine Dion. The "Very Best" tour sees Kasim changing positions from guitarist/keyboardist to bassist and Musical Director. He remains the only person besides Meat himself to appear on every track on Bat 1 and Bat 2.

John Miceli — Drums

Before joining Meat Loaf eight years ago, John toured with Blue Oyster Cult on their 20th Anniversary 1990 National Tour, and with Marchello, CBS recording artists, on their National Debut Tour. In 1997, John teamed up with Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow for their "Stranger In Us All" U.S. and European Tours.

John’s musical accomplishments have been recognized by the industry with endorsements from Sonor Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Gibraltar Hardware, Evans Drum Heads, and Vic Firth drum sticks.

John was also featured in an international print ad campaign for SONY cassette tapes, which appeared in Rolling Stone, People, Spin, Circus and US Magazine.

When he’s not touring, John teaches drums at the Long Island Drum and Guitar Center, and is publishing two drum instruction books featuring his unique double-bass style; "Lead Switch" and "Sticking In The Foot".

Most importantly, John is the proud papa of two beautiful children; Anna and Scott.

Patti Russo — Vocals

Having been with Meat Loaf since 1993, she’s come a long way since kicking the bus after she thought het audition didn’t cut it! When she’s not touring or recording with Meat, she keeps busy doing jingles and working on her own material. I just want to say thanks again, Meat and Leslie, for taking a chance on me. Oh yeah, hi Mom! Hi Choomy! Hi Seer! Luv ya!

Pearl Aday — Vocals

Rock and Roll certainly runs in the family! This is Pearls third tour with her famous father. She’s no stranger to the music scene. She’s recorded two albums with Meat Loaf and is currently working on a new album with her Los Angeles-based band "Stella", and has been featured on the upcoming album by the rock band ‘Filter’. She thanks her beautiful parents and family, and her faithful friends including truly-loved "road family" past and present, for her wisdom and love of music.

Ray Andersen — Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals

Ray was born in NYC and grew up in New Jersey, where he currently lives. Listening to his favourite records, he would copy what he heard, but soon realised he couldn’t play chords and melodies on the drums, so he picked up guitar and piano. he’s never had a lesson on any instrument.

In 1991, he maried his songwriter-partner, Patti M. Yodlowsky. They’ve gone on to form a pop/rock project called Blue Van Gogh.

Ray also enjoys working with children. He visits daycare centers and sings kids’ songs he writes, and lets the kids play several instruments as well as strum on his own guitar. He’s got an album coming out of his original kid songs as "Mr. Ray." Check out his official site at

As if this wasn’t enough to satisfy his musical palate, along comes a call from legendary New York musician, Kasim Sulton, to ask Ray if he would be interested in filling his shoes as guitarist/keyboardist/singer in Meat Loaf’s band! Besides putting two triving projects on hold, there wasn’t much to think about. Bat Out Of Hell supremely knocked the socks off Ray, and he’d been a Meat Loaf fan ever since. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance of performing with one of the greatest Rock and Roll artists of this century?

Tom Brislin — Keyboards, Vocals

Tom Brislin is a New Jersey native who performs as keyboardist, vocalist and songwriter who appears regularly in the New York area. A child prodigy of classical piano, he’s been playing in rock band at the ripe age of ten years old. Since then, Tom has performed and/or recorded with artists in many styles of music, including jazz saxophone player Michael Brecker, pop singer/songwriters Glen Burtnik, and has been with Meat Loaf since mid 1988.

Currently, Tom leads the modern-rock band "You Were Spiraling," and produced the band’s two independently-released CDs "You Were Spiraling" and "The Hello CD".

When not playing music, Tom can be found writing a book, masquerading as a nightclub kid, and completing his Jedi training.

Damon La Scot — Guitar

Native New Yorker Daon La Scot is a former major label (East West/Elektra) recording artist with the band Redbelly. Over the years he has recorded, performed and toured with countless other artists/acts.

In addition to playing guitar, Damon’s major commitments and passions in life include his fiancé, Jo Hook, his family, vegan raw foodism, being a program leader for personal transformation, playing ice/roller hockey (when Meat lets him), and weight training.

Since his debut album Bat Out Of Hell hit the carts in 1977, it has sold 30 million copies. The follow-up Dead Ringer went multi-platinum and Meat has stayed the course during his 21 year carreer.

I’ve got five movies completed and ready to come out, they’re all very different characters I play — from a goofy rancher to a racist sheriff to someone dying of cancer.

People who are cynical won’t get it, my music is about highly charged emotional moments in your life. It’s white hot passion. It’s also funny.

Bucking the rockstar trend his marriage to Leslie has lasted 23 years and his two daughters have grown up out of the limelight. We’re a strong family, he says, prouder of this than of an album that remains a world’s best seller.

Meat Loaf Touring Personnel

The Band

Meat Loaf
Kasim Sulton: MD, Bass Guitar, Vocals
John Miceli: Drums
Damon La Scot: Guitar
Tom Brislin: Keyboards, Vocals
Ray Andersen: Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Patti Russo: Vocals
Pearl Aday: Vocals

The Crew

Bob Quandt: Tour Manager
Pablo Gamboa: Assistant Tour Manager
Alan Hornall: Production Manager
William "Pitso" McGregor: Stage Manager
Bill Sheldon: Lighting Designer
George Wehrlin: FOH Sound Engineer
Kevin Pruce: Monitor Engineer
Eric Anderson: Drum Technician
Charlie Milton: Guitar Technician
Dave Clements: Guitar Technician
Jack Geranios: Keyboard Technician
Drei: Wardrobe
Paddy Fitzpatrick: Carpenter
Tom Boyle: Carpenter
Derek Hay: Head Rigger
David Rowe: Ground Rigger
Chris Lambourne: Lightning Technician
Tony Leighton: Lightning Technician
Jonathon Sellers: Lightning Technician
Dave Waldon: Lightning Technician
Brad Imrie: Lightning Technician
Andy Porter: Lightning Technician
Kevin Marshall: Sound Technician
Mark McArthur: Sound Technician
Timothy Coakley: Sound Technician
Alison James: Catering
Nikki Smith: Catering
Katherine Carroll: Catering
Emma Hanning: Catering
Robert Sauter: Band Bus Driver
Mike McCartney: Crew Bus Driver
Jamie Gerald: Crew Bus Driver
Herbie Bayless-Smith: Truck Driver
Dave Forbes: Truck Driver
Dave Harvey: Truck Driver
Bob Worgan: Truck Driver
Phil Johnston: Truck Driver
Mick Ridley: Merchandiser
Photography: Time White, Dave Hogan,PG Brunelli, Kevin Mazur, Neil Preston, Marc Hadley & Meat Loaf’s own collection
Printing: Hill Shorter Limited England
Tourbook Design: Connexion/Talisman

Tour Contact Information

Management: Left Bank Organisation
Business Management: Tribe
Agent: Solo Agency Ltd
Record Company: Virgin Records Ltd
European Travel Agent: Rima Travel
International Travel Agent: Valley Travel Group
Sound Company: Scorpio Sound Systems
Lighting Company: NEG Earth Lighting
Set Construction: Brilliant Staging
Catering: Snakatak
Freight: Sound Moves
Freight: MDG Cargo Services
Bus Company: Phoenix Bussing Services
Truck Company: Redburn Transfer
Merchandising: Winterland
Passes: T-Bird Entertainment
Itinaries: Smart Art

Thanks to

Euphonics Audio, Ashdown Engineering, E.O. Mari Strings, Mitchell Guitars, Steward Spector Designs, Sonor Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Gibraltar Hardware, Evans Drum Heads, Vic Firth Sticks, Gibson Guitars, Mesa Boogie Amplifiers, Korg USA, Gibson Strings, Veneman Music, Whirlwind Music, Dunlop USA, Pensa Guitars, Rocktron USA and Csutom Audio Electronics.

Age has nothing to do with it, it’s a state of mind.
There are a lot of kids who say let’s get rid of these old guys like Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger and Meat Loaf. I got some news for these human beings — you wanna learn about rock ‘n’ roll.