Lost Boys & Golden Girls World Tour 1988

February 1988
A Snowy Day in New England


Every year someone writes something about me in a tour book. This year I’ve decided to do the job myself because it would be fun and it is the "BAT OUT OF HELL 10TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION TOUR BOOK". The reason for the name "BAT OUT OF HELL 10TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION TOUR BOOK" is that I wanted to use gold letters on the cover and I wanted to have as many words as possible because gold really looks cool. So, here it is. "THE BAT OUT OF HELL 10TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION TOUR BOOK".

The actual tour is called "Lost Boys and Golden Girls Tour ‘88", but that didn’t have as many words as "BAT OUT OF HELL 10TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION TOUR BOOK". "Lost Boys and Golden Girls" is actually a song from an album called "Bad for Good" by my friend and colleague Jim Steinman who wrote the words and music for the album "Bat Out of Hell". And now here we are ten years later with the "BAT OUT OF HELL 10TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION TOUR BOOK".

Inside the "BAT OUT OF HELL 10TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION TOUR BOOK" you’ll see a collection of photos and memories of the last ten years on tour with Meat Loaf. As you’ll notice, I look exactly the same as I did ten years ago when I started touring at the age of fifteen. Some of the other members of the bands sure look funny in the old pictures. Be sure to check out the old pictures of Steve Buslowe. (Bob Kulick wouldn’t even let me use his old pictures.)

Tonight you are going to hear some Jim Steinman songs that you’ve never heard in concert before. Jim and I are sure that you will enjoy these additions to the show. As Jim said to me the other day on the phone, I can’t wait to hear them live. So get revved up, grab hold of your "BAT OUT OF HELL 10TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION TOUR BOOK" with a lot of gold letters on the front, and look around ‘cause the guy in the seat next to you could be Jim Steinman and we’re gonna take you out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Hope all your rock and roll dreams come through.

[signed] Rock on, Meat Loaf

World Tour 1988
Dates & Countries

February 18PhiladelphiaChestnut CabaretPennsylvania
February 19PoughkeepsieThe ChanceNew York
February 20Asbury ParkStone PonyNew Jersey
February 24BostonThe ChannelMassachusetts
February 26New YorkThe RitzNew York
February 27NewarkStone BallroomDelaware
February 28UticaMohawk CollegeNew York
March 1Garden CityNassau CollegeNew York
March 2LawrencevilleRider CollegeNew Jersey
March 9HarrogateConference CtrEngland
March 10LiverpoolRoyal CourtEngland
March 12AberdeenCapitolScotland
March 13AberdeenCapitolScotland
March 14EdinburghPlayhouseScotland
March 15NewcastleCity HallEngland
March 17SheffieldCity HallEngland
March 19ManchesterApolloEngland
March 20BirminghamN.E.C.England
March 22LondonOdeonEngland
March 23LondonOdeonEngland
March 24LondonOdeonEngland
March 26TorquayTor BayEngland
March 27BristolHippodromeEngland
March 28NewportCentreEngland
March 30BournemouthB.I.C.England
March 31BrightonCentreEngland
April 2UlmDonauhalleGermany
April 3HofFreiheitshalleGermany
April 5MannheimMusensaalGermany
April 6MunichDT MuseumGermany
April 7StuttgartLiederhalleGermany
April 9NurembergJurahalle NeumktGermany
April 10PassauNibellungenhalleGermany
April 11OffenbachStadthalleGermany
April 13GrasKammersaalAustria
April 15ViennaKurhalle ObrlahrAustria
April 16InnsbruckKongresshausAustria
April 17OffenbachSchwarzwaldhalleAustria
April 19BerlinMetropolGermany
April 20BremenStadthalleGermany
April 21DusseldorfPhilipshalleGermany
April 23HamburgKnofp’s MusichalGermany
MayWestern Canada
JuneWestern United States

Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams Come True


Scene 1: Fender Guitar
Song: "Out of the Frying Pan"
Scene 2: Hot Summer Night
Song: "Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth"


Song: "Let the Revels Begin"
Scene 1: Darker Than Sin
Song: "Original Sin"
Song: "Bad for Good"
Scene 2: Hook’s Torture, The Entire City is Burning
Song: Modern Girl
Scene 3: Who Needs The Young
Song: "Dance in My Pants

Act III "THE RED BADGE OF LOVE" (The Final Phase)

Scene 1: Don’t Leave Me Here Forever
Song: "Love Her for Both of Us"
Song: "Lost Boys and Golden Girls" Song: "bat Out of Hell"
Finale: "Lost Boys" (Reprise)


The Players

Bob Kulick: Guitar
Elaine Goff: Vocals
Amy Goff: Vocals
Steve Buslowe: Bass
Alan Merrill: Guitar
Domenic Cicchetti: Keyboards
Chuck Burgi: Drums


Merchandise Order Form

Merchandise order form


Piano: Jim Steinman, Paul Jacobs
Guitar: Bob Kulick
Guitar: Bruce Kulick
Bass: Steve Buslowe
Drums: Joe Stefko
Keyboards: Paul Glanz
Vocals: Rory Dodd
Vocals: Karla DeVito


Piano: Paul Jacobs
Guitar: Mark Doyle
Guitar: Davey Johnstone
Guitar: Steve Hunter
Bass: Steve Buslowe
Drums: Terry Williams
Keyboards: George Meyer
Vocals: Eric Troyer
Vocals: Pam Moore


Piano: Paul Jacobs
Guitar: Bob Kulick
Guitar: Mark Doyle
Bass: Steve Buslowe
Drums: Wells Kelly
Vocals: Katti Mac


Keyboards: Paul Jacobs
Guitar: Paul Jacobs
Guitar: Bob Kulick
Keyboards: Brian Chattan
Bass: John Golden
Drums: Andy Wells
Vocals: Doreen Chanter


Piano: Paul Jacobs
Keyboards: Mark Doyle
Guitar: Bob Kulick
Guitar: Alan Merrill
Bass: Steve Buslowe
Drums: Chuck Burgi
Vocals: Amy Goff
Vocals: Elaine Goff

Lost Boys & Golden Girls World Tour 1988

Words and Music
Jim Steinman

Management: George Gilbert
Agency Representation:
William Morris Agency: Dick Allen, Bill Ruff, Bob Prinz, Johnatan Levine, Roger Gacon, Ken Dicamillo, Syd Rudawitz, Risa Shapiro, Joan Hyler, Paul Kelmenson, Tanya Vaughan, Lorraine Coffey, Lisa Bauman, Carolyn Kalb, Betty Lynn McIlvain
In conjunction with Performance Ltd.: Rob Hallett, kathy Clempson, Danielle Mayson
And The Agency of Canada: Mike Greggs

Concert Promotors:
Kennedy Street Ent., Ltd.: Danny betesch, Nick Leigh
Andrew Miller Concerts Ltd.: Andrew Miller, Gill Taylor
KRT Productions: Mark Emery, Kim Turner
Music Services GmbH: Henning Togel, Rianer Haensel
Split Promotions, Iceland: Tony Sandy, Bobby Harrison

Trainer, Killer Rabbits: Michael Palin
Business Management: Ross, Bennet-Smith: Stephen Ross, Andrew Bennet-Smith
Sollicitors: Russells: Tony English, Tony Russell, Chris Organ, Steven Tregear
Merchandising: Bravado Merchandising Services: Keith Drinkwater

The Big Slice: Brian O’Shaugnessy
Coach: Willie Dehler
U.K. Public Relations: Tony Brainsby P.R.: Tony Brainsby, William Highman
U.S. Public Relations: Fran Defeo
Costume Design: Lenny of N.Y.C.
Best Hitter: Don Mattingley, N.Y. Yankees
James Dean Archivist: David Loeur
Choreography: Gary Curyst
Greatest Running Back National Football League: Walter Payton

Fan Club: Matthew and Janet Hiscock
Publishing: Earl Shuman
Stage Design: Meat Loaf, Simon Tutchner & Matt Stoody
Program Design: Meat Loaf & Keith Drinkwater
Cover Art: Richard Corben
Paradise Play-By-Play: Phil Rizzuto, Voice of the N.Y. Yankees
Hot Summer Night: Marcia McClain, Jim Steinman
Travel: happy Holidays, Norwalk, CT: Barbara, Sally Donahue, Leslie Aday Agar

Domestic Engineer: Gloria Fogel
Automotive Maintenance: Degnan Denler


Tour Management: Matt Stoody/Sound Opinions Toronto
Stage Manager: Gerry Mott
Crew Chief: Eric Anderson

Equipment Technicians: Henry Monteforte, Jimmy Joe Rhodes
Sound Engineer: James Staniford
Monitor Mix Engineer: Julian Tether
P.A. Technician: Paul Johnston
Lighting Designer: Simon Tutchner
Master Electrician: Tim Phillips
Lighting Technician: Mike Humenuik
Rigger: Bob Neiring
U.S. Crew: Paul Carizzo, Rosie Rose

Catering: Eat to the Beat
Costume Consultants: Michael and Leslie Aday
Golf Pro: George Buck, Jr. & George Buck, Snr.
Hair Stylist: Tighe Williams, Westport, CT
Best Cricketer: Viv Richards
Portrait Photography: Ron Akiyamo
Photo Assistant: Herb Numan
Photographic Stylist: Sandy Defeo
Superman: Chris Reeve
Sound and Lights: Samuelson Concert Productions: Steve Moles, Steve Connelly
Grand Prize Meat Loaf Impersonation: Mel Smith

Coach U.S.: N.Y. Custom Coach
Trucking U.S.: Platinum Entertainment
Trucking U.K. and Europe: Trans Am
Equipment Hire: Music Bank
Minister of Silly Walks: John Cleese
Best Runner (Slow Motion): Ben Cross
U.K. Coach: Len Wright
U.S. Assistant Tour Manager: John Gallagher
U.S. Associate Tour Manager: Big Mike Morazas
Dead Ringers: Pete Carr, Dick Jones
Official Cookbook: Rock & Roll Cuisine by Robin & Robin Lemusier
Official Tour Sponsor: Harp Lager
Drums: Pearl
Cymbals: Paiste
Bob Kulick Guitars: Jackson
Alan Merrill Guitars: Tokai
Steve Buslowe Guitars: Steinberger
Best Prince: Edward
Worst Prince: Prince
Rehearsal New York: Montana Sound: Renee Federman, Dave Pirrocco, Keith Pied
Rehearsal London: Brixton Academy
Photography: Lynn Goldsmith, Melinda Wickman, Ken Regan, Geoffrey Thomas, Chuck Pullen, Bob Leaf, Doug Vann, Frank Laffitte, Simon Fowler, Karen Epstein, Leslie Aday, Ray Palmer, Peter Cronin, Nancy J. Clendaniel, Ron Akiyamo
Color Separations: EAD Color N.Y.: Chris Distefino

Special Thanks to Gail Coen, Terry Coen, Jim Walker, David Sonnenberg, Chrissie Harwood, Jeff Gilbert, Steve Popovitch, David Strumwasser, Sam Ellis, Robert Ellis, Ron McCarroll, Foster Padway, Nancy Friedman, Steve Friedman, Maurice Oberstein, Dick Asher, Dick Wingate, Rick Rubin, Simon Potts, Les Garland, David Simone, Bob Sivco of Tokai, Cherie Fein, Julian Spencer Gilbert, L. Jane Calverley, Joanna Sachs Merrill
And especially Pearl and Amanda

Meat Loaf Fan Club:
P.O. Box No. 68
Cheshire SK3 0JY