Meat Loaf — Last at Bat 2013


John Miceli: Drums
Patti Russo: Featured Vocalist
Paul Crook: Musical Director / Co-Lead Guitar
Randy Flowers: Co-Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals / Keys
David Luther: Keyboard / Saxophone / Backing Vocals
Danny Miranda: Bass / Backing Vocals
Justin Avery: Keyboard / Piano / Backing Vocals


Veikko Fuhrmann: Tour Manager
Frances Bowdery: Meat Loaf Touring Assistant
Matt Dillon: Production Manager
Joe Libretti: Production Assistant / Pro Tools
Donny Gordon: Stage Manager / Carpenter Tim Coakley: Monitor Engineer
Charlie Milton: Guitar Tech
Randy Brown: Drum Tech
Kevin Sproatt: Front of House Engineer
Michael Duncan: Lighting Director
Linda Howell: Wardrobe
Danny Spratt: Rigger / Carpenter
Robert Judge: Video
John Kewley: Merchandise
Emma Saxby: VIP Co-ordinator
Lindsey Fickling: Austin Assistant

Management: Tom Consolo, Ken Levitan
Business Management: Gary Haber & Terry Doty for Haber Corporation
Legal Representation: Jess Rosen for Greenberg, Traurig, LLP; Marty Singer & Evan Spiegel for Lavely & Singer, PC

Booking Agent:
World-Wide: Neil Warnock for The Agency Group
US & Canada: Pete Pappalardo / Dennis Arfa / Nicole Klein for AGI

Promotor UK: Steve Homer, SVP Promotions
Live Nation UK: Mick Roberts, Austin Bokser

Promotor Germany: Heinz Preisch, Jörg Lengauer, Rainer Weiss, KBK, Konzert & Künstleragentur GmbH

Travel Agent:
UK/Europe: Tina & Louise @ The Tour Company
US: Chrystal & Desiree @ Touring Ventures

Trucking: Fly By Nite
Audio: Clair Global US/UK
Video: PRG Nocturne UK
Lighting: NEG Earth
Tour Expendables: Tour Supply Inc.
Radios: Radiotek Ltd
Freight Company: Shockwave Cargo
Soft Goods: Swe What? Inc.
Catering: SNAKATAK
Bus Company: Coach Service GmbH
Germany Transportation: KKS Hahn Konzert u. Veranstaltungsservice GmbH
UK Car Company: Crawfords, London
Bus Drivers: Thomas Berg, Marc Levron, Mike Chapman
Truck Drivers: Brian Ireland (Lead), Steve Connelly, Ross MacNamara, Paul Bayley, Daniel Barszcz

Concert Video Design: Meat Loaf & Paul Crook for Red Pony Tours; Polly Parsons & Charlie Terrell, Daddy Van Productions

Rehearsal Studios: Catherine Parrington and everyone @ Souncheck Austin; Austin Music Hall

Tour Passes & Laminates: Tour Badgers

Itineraries: Donna, Lon & Liz @ Smart Art

Merchandise: Live Nation Merchandise — Rick Fish, Pete Weber, Ryan Smull, Ben Rawling

Tour Book Concept: Meat Loaf, Deborah Giullespie-Aday, Frances Bowdery

Tour Book Design: Darryl Kenwood * modsystem

Tour Book Photography: Mark Weiss

Additional Photos: Mark Weiss, Ron Pownell, Bob Leafe, Nancy Clendanien, Don Hunstein, Andy Buchanan, Paul Brown, Martin Hausler, Timothy White, John T Cornerford, Meldinda Wickman, AJ, Pantsious, Ken Regan, Geoffry Thomas, John Cumberland, Karen Epstein, Doug Vann, Kevin Mazur, Neal Preston, Billy the Kid Achnitz, Bianca Reich, Mr Aday’s Personal collection.

Tour Marketing: Michelle Owens for Vector

PR Representation: Maureen O’Connor & Eileen Thompson for Rogers & Cowan (USA); David Cox for the Outside Organisation (UK)

Meat Loaf Clothing: Linda Howell, Cressida Lewis, Chris Kerr & Adrian Gwilym

Wardrobe Co-ordinator: Deborah Gillespie-Aday
Wardrobe Alterations: Linda Howell, Antoinette Sales (Austin)

Eric Vetro: Vocal Coach

Thanks to Sonor, Hohner, Zildjian, Vater Drumsticks, Evans Drumheads, SBK Cases, Earthworks Microphones, Gibrantar Drumracks, DR Strings, Dunlop Strings, Jeff Van Zant and all at Fender Guitars & Amps, Yamaha, Mesa Boogie, Xotic Effects, Seymour Duncan Picups, Bill Nash Guitars & Basses, hipshot Products, BBE, Radial Engineering, Planet Waves, Rocky Mountain Slides, Clayton Picks, Nord Keyboards and, Lindy Fralin EBS, Warmoth, Line 6, Nady, Jimmy and Trash & Vaudeville, Robert & Renee @ Precision Camera, Austin. Paul Crook uses: Mark Katzen Guitars, FU Titanium and Floyd Rose Tremelos, Engl Amps, Amalfitano Pickups, Fractal Audio, Mission Pedals, Warmoth Guitar Parts, Tone Pros, Taylor Acoustics, Sennheiser Wireless, Dr Strings and Jim Dunlop Picks.

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