Meat Loaf — Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell

Act I

  1. I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)
  2. You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth
  3. All Revved Up With No Place To Go
  4. Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through
  5. Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad
  6. Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire)

Intermission / Musical Interlude

Act II

  1. Wasted Youth
  2. Life Is A Lemon (And I Want My Money Back)
  3. Heaven Can Wait
  4. Objects In The Rearview Mirror (May Appear Closer Than They Are)
  5. Bat Out Of Hell
  6. Paradise By The Dashboard Light (encore)
  7. Everything Louder Than Everything Else (encore)


Meat Loaf

The Neverland Express

Mark Alexander: Piano, Vocals
Steve Buslowe: Bass Guitar, Vocals
John Miceli: Drums
Patricia Rousseau: Vocals
Kasim Sulton: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Pat Thrall: Guitars

The Neverland Express

Mark Alexander

Mark is one of the most respected and versatile musicians in the industry today! After receiving his degree in classical piano from Syracuse University, he moved to New York City and quickly established himself with a number of well known bands and artists as Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul, Joe Cocker, Melissa Morgan, Nona Hendrix and Curtis Stigers’ recent debut tour which included 3 sold out shows at Wembley Stadium in London, featuring Eric Clapton, Elton John and Bonnie Raitt. Mark was also involved in the remake of Nick Lowe’s recording of "Peace, Love and Understanding" for Whitney Houston’s multi-platinum album, "The Bodyguard." In addition, he had the pleasure of recording with one of the greatest singers of our time, Darlene Love, on "Nobody Wants to Be Alone on Christmas," which was written for the box office hit "Home Alone II." And among his many talents, Mark has produced and arranged theme songs for several feature films.

In 1989, Mark met Meat Loaf in a restaurant located in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. We spoke for about 30 seconds and as he was leaving, Meat Loaf turned towards me, shook my hand, and hired me right on the spot! Meat’s last words that day were, See you on the tour bus! He said this without hearing me play one solid note! One week later, they embarked on a 2-1/2 year tour, playing over 300 shows in North America and Europe!

Steve Buslowe

Steve Buslowe was one of those American kids who saw the Beatles and the Rolling Stones on the "Ed Sullivan Show" and felt the earth move. He picked up a bass guitar and, after long nights of practising in mom’s basement, his band had their first number one local hit when he was age 16.

From there he played with famous local bands, including one whose lead singer was an equally young Michael Bolton. He finally decided that there were enough mathematicians in this world and after graduating college he concentrated on his bass playing.

He joined Meat Loaf when the first touring band was formed in 1977 and became musical director in 1988.

In addition to 16 years of touring worldwide with Meat, he has performed with such artists as Bonnie Tyler and Flo & Eddie. As a New York session player, Steve’s studio credits include number one hits with Bonnie Tyler and Air Supply, and recordings with Barbra Streisand, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Paul Stanley (of KISS) and Blackjack (Michael Bolton), among others. He has also played on commercials and soundtracks, such as Streets of Fire.

Steve can be heard on most Meat Loaf albums since Dead Ringer, including Midnight at the Lost and Found, Live at Wembl[e]y, Hits Out of Hell and, of course, Bat Out of Hell II—Back into Hell. He also played on Jim Steinman’s solo albums, Bad for Good and Pandora’s Box.

On the rare occasions when he can be found without a bass guitar around his neck, Steve is usually in his garden, trying to persuade his four dogs not to dig up the plants.

John Miceli

Before joining Meat Loaf, John toured with Blue Oyster Cult on their 20th Anniversary 1990 National Tour, and with Marchello, on their 1989-90 National Debut Tour.

As the first band ever to record a video at MTV Studios, Marchello’s "First Love" premiered on Headbanger’s Ball and went on to reach No. 7 on Dail-MTV. Their debut album, "Destiny" (CBS Associated) was hailed by Rock Magazine as a definite winner, strongly supported by the efforts of John Miceli on drums.

Touted by New York Newsday as one of rock’s hardest hitting drummers, John’s musical accomplishments have been recognized by the industry with endorsements for Zildjian Cymbals, Tama Drums, and Vic Firth drumsticks.

John was also featured in an international print ad campaign for SONY cassette tapes, which appeared in Rolling Stone, People, Spin, Circus and US Magazine. When he’s not touring, John teaches at the Long Island Drum Center, and has published two drum instruction books featuring his unique double-bass style, Lead Switch and Sticking In The Foot.

Patricia Russo

The newest member of the Neverland Express, Patricia has had a multi-faceted career in music. Although a relative newcomer to the "big scene," her versatility of styles as well as her ability to sing in other languages has kept her busy in demo and jingle work both here and abroad.

As a songwriter, she’s co-written and performed on a solo project, released in Japan to critical acclaim. She’s also been fortunate enough to have worked with the likes of Nile Rodger and Dick Clark Productions.

Kasim Sulton

Between 1976 and 1986, Kasim Sulton co-wrote and produced nine Utopia albums. He was the sole composer and vocalist on their only Top 30 single, "Set Me Free," from the album Adventures in Utopia. His compositions and distinctive voice were increasingly featured throughout Utopia’s albums and live performances.

Sulton’s first solo album, Kasim, was released on EMI in 1982. A succesful solo tour on the east and west coast followed.

In 1987 Sulton released Lights On, a collaborative album with drummer Thommy Price, on CBS Associated Records. Two videos were produced to accompany the LP; one of which was featured in the movie, The Allnighter.

As a session bassist and singer, Sulton has performed on numerous albums, most notably Meat Loaf’s Bat Out Of Hell, Rick Derringer’s Guitars And Women, and Patti Smith’s Dream of Life. Sulton has appeared on albums by Jim Steinman, Tom Robinson, The Indigo Girls, Steve Stevens, Ronnie Spector, Johnny Hates Jazz, Shawn Cassidy, Steve Hillage and the Roadie soundtrack.

After Utopia’s final album, Trivia (1986), Sulton briefly played with Cheap Trick before joining Patty Smyth on her world tour. He can be seen in her video for Downtown Train.

In 1988 Sulton hooked up with Joan Jett, touring the world with the Blackhearts. He has sung and played bass on three of Jett’s LP’s including the platinum selling Up Your Alley. He appears in six videos including the Grammy nominated I Hate Myself For Loving You.

Most recently, Sulton began touring with Hall & Oates, playing the upright bass for the Unplugged tour. This critically acclaimed tour received worldwide network and cable television coverage.

Pat Thrall

Guitarist Pat Thrall has long been known for his versatility and his track record reflects this.

In the late 70’s Pat recorded with Steve Winwood and with his own band Automatic Man which in 1991 was voted of the Best 20 Albums of All Time by the Los Angeles Times. That was followed with three albums with the Pat Travers’ Band, including the hit single "Boom, Boom (Out Go The Lights)." Pat was then vited "Best New Guitarist" by the readers of Guitar Player Magazine.

Thrall teamed up with ex-Deep Purple bass player and singer Glenn Hughes and in 1982 released "Hughes/Thrall" on Epic Records. Its influence is hailed by bands such as Whitesnake and guitarist Gary Moore.

The rest of the 80’s found Thrall playing with, among others, artists Sly & Robbie, Jack Bruce, and Little Steven. In 1987 he wrote, produced and performed on the soundtrack to the film Dragnet ‘87, including a video with Dan Akroyd and Tom Hanks.

In 1989 Thrall preformed on Tina Turner’s multi-platinum "Foreign Affair," including the signature guitar riff on the top ten single "The Best." The folling three years he toured and recorded with Meat Loaf, Asia (Asia—Live in Moscow), and Curtis Stigers (Curtis Stigers). He also performed on the soundtracks to the films The Bodyguard with Curtis Stigers and Home Alone II with Little Steven and members of the E Street Band. This year marks the return of Pat to Meat Loaf’s Neverland Express both on Bat Out Of Hell II and the World Tour.

Extra Deep Thoughts

Really …
Really …
Really …
Really …

Why do cows sit down when it rains?

What about Meat Rodham Melencamp?

Does hair really grown on your palms?
Needles! Really scarry!
Generation X!!
How about your voice on a phone answering machine?
Sydney 2000!!
Singing Cats?
Bat Out Of Hell III? I think not!
How about Bat Out Of Hell III—The Final At Bat!!!
When you throw coins in a fountain, who gets the money? The homeless?
The weekend!!!
Recurring dreams?
Standing stark naked on a downtown street at noon!
The Dating Game?
If cats could talk, what would they say?
Jim Steinman!
Funny cars & monster trucks!
No more wire hangers!
No that’s God, he just thinks he’s Bono!

Sex in the next century!
Have you ever wanted to join the circus?
Mirror Images!
Rock & Roll!
Have you seen Elvis?
Shut up Bevis, this video is over my head!
Bill, the front of a duck!
User friendly

I know the bread’s too small, but I’m a professional, I’ll go on anyway!

Can you really worry sheep?
Why don’t they take coins at Foreign Exchange?
Rotisserie Baseball—9 cooked chickens with gloves!
When I pump up my sneakers, I can’t jump any higher!
Can you?
Is there an alien sitting next to you?
Do you sleep with the lights on?

Were the 70’s fun?
Will the 90’s make the 60’s look like the 50’s?
The Dentist?


You can’t teach and old dog new math!

Imagine, if the world could live as one!
Love, Peace, Reality, Emotional Purity!
Everything you always wanted to know about sex?
AC/DC! Stray Voltage! Disco!
Have you ever wanted to hang upside down?
Rebels! Harleys! Fenders! Cheerleaders!

If people were meant to fly, we would all have wings!
Take the A Train!
You can lead a horse to water but you can’t teach him old dog tricks.
Cat; a small furry animal, frequently mistaken for a Meat Loaf.
Wendy, Michael, John, Tinker Bell! Come on! Hurry up and follow me, for soon I will be gone…I’m flying!
Auntie Em! It’s a twister…It’s a twister…
Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!

Radio Lives!




Cast — The Neverland Express

Mark Alexander: Piano, Vocals
Steve Buslowe: Bass Guitar, Vocals
John Miceli: Drums
Patricia Rousseau: Vocals
Kasim Sulton: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Pat Thrall: Guitars


Jimmy Johnson: Tour Manager
Alan Hornall: Production Manager
Carl Gagnon: Sound Engineer
George Wehrlin: Monitor Engineer
William Sheldon III: Lighting Director
Anthony Roan: Guitar Technician
Yuck Wong: Guitar Technician
Rick Huber: Keyboard Technician
Eric Anderson: Drum Technician
Steve Buslowe: Musical Director

Management: Left Bank Management, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Booking Agency: Jonathan Levine, William Morris Agency, New York, NY; John Giddings, Solo Agency, London
Business Management: Bernie Gilhuly/Hecht & Co., Los Angeles, CA
Tour Accounting: Paul Leighton & Mark Sullivan, Tribe Inc.
Travel: Real Time Travel, Los Angeles, CA; Happy Holiday Travel, Norwalk, CT; Trinifold Travel, London
Attorney: Gary Stiffelman, Esq., Ziffren, Brittenham & Branca
Wardrobe: Andrea Donnelly
Throat Guy: Dr. Ed Lane
Margaret Cerato: Fitness Consultant
Sound: Scorpio Sound
U.K. Sound: Concert Sound
Lighting: Creative Lighting
U.K. Lighting: NEG-Earth
U.K. Coaches: Phoenix
Trucking: Edwin Shirley
U.K. Catering: Snak-A-Tak
Merchandising: Winterland Productions
Illustrations: Michael Wehlan (Bat II illustration and all interior illustrations); Michael Corben (Bat I illustration)
Photography: Michael Halsband, Kevin Mazur, Bonnie Schiffman, Ed Sirrs
Program Design: Ross Carron Design, Los Angeles, CA
Lithography: Michael John, City Graphics, San Fransisco, CA
Fan Club: Meat Loaf, c/o Left Bank Management, 6255 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 2100, Hollywood, CA 90028
Special Thanks: D’Addario Strings, Zildjian Cymbals, Tama Drums, Vic Firth Sticks, Brite Stuff, Washburn Guitars, Gibson Guitars, Shure Microphones, Modulus Graphite Bass Guitar

For information about posters and other products featuring artwork by Michael Whelan contact: Glass Onion Graphics, P.O. Box 88, Brookfield, CT 06804(203) 798-6063

© 1993 Neverland Entertaiment Inc. Printed in England by Hill Shorter Ltd.