Michigan Mixture Volume I

A6 Once Upon A Time 2:35
B7 Hello 3:58

Written and arranged by Popcorn Blizzard

Produced and engineered by Art Schiell at Art Schiell Recording Studio

Marvin Lee Aday - Vocals
Micheal Jean - Guitar, Vocals
Rick Bozzo - Bass
Susie Kaine - Keyboards, Vocals
Pete Woodman - Drums, Whistles

Popcorn Blizzard is best-remembered for featuring frontman Marvin Lee Aday, later to achieve a measure of fame as Meat Loaf. The group was originally formed by drummer Pete Woodman in Los Angeles in 1967. Woodman had previously played with mid-Michigan garage rockers the Bossmen, and added Aday as well as guitarist Frank Montoya, keyboardist Susie Kaine and bassist Rick Bozzo. They initually called themselves Meatloaf Soul, but soon switched to Popcorn Blizzard. Following Montoya’s departure (to join ? & the Mysterians) they relocated to Detroit and decided to remain a quartet, with Kaine’s keyboards prominent. In the late 60s they were highly active on the local scene, playing famed venues like the Grande Ballroom and supporting heroes like the MC5, The Who, Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead. Their sole, self-produced 45 appeared in 1968, after which they briefly became known as Floating Circus before Woodman departed and Aday returned to LA, where he joined the cast of Hair and began his ascent to stardom.

Collectors note: this lot should not be confused with the Popcorn Blizzard who made a rare album on the De-lite label in 1968.

Once Upon a Time / Hello (Magenda 7411) 1968

Adapted from Michigan Mixture Volumes 1 & 2 liner notes

Label Cat.No. F. Y. C. Notes
1 Clinging Hysteria Records CHR I LP 1990 USA Michigan Mixture Volume I bootleg LP
2 Particle PART2CD4009 2CD 2012 USA Michigan Mixture Volumes 1 & 2

Once Upon a Time

I woke up feeling some of yesterday
I took a breath and blew my mind away
And that’s not much to say
It’s going on that way
This once upon a time [unintelligible]

I sit and wait, it’s time to fight my eyes
The orange clouds against a purple sky
And trees against the wind
Seems like it’s all pretend
This once upon a time [unintelligible]

[organ solo]

The [unintelligible] set a frown
My [unintelligible] to walk
I let the evening pass
My mind caught in the grass
This once upon a time [unintelligible]