Meat Loaf — VH1 Storytellers

1 All Revved Up With No Place To Go 1:05 Jim Steinman
2 Life Is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back 6:05 Jim Steinman
3 Story: Howie and Ashley’s first kiss 1:46
4 You Took the Words Right out of My Mouth 4:50 Jim Steinman
5 Story: “What’s That?” 1:26
6 I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That) 6:22 Jim Steinman
7 Lawyers, Guns and Money 4:57 Warren Zevon
8 Story: Meeting Steinman in New York 1:56
9 More Than You Deserve 3:49 Jim Steinman
10 Story: Writing for Neverland :47
11 Heaven Can Wait 5:00 Jim Steinman
12 Story: You can’t demo ‘Bat’ 3:05
13 Paradise by the Dashboard Light 9:30 Jim Steinman
14 Story: Performing for television :34
15 Two out of Three Ain’t Bad 4:47 Jim Steinman
16 Story: ‘Psycho out of Hell’ :21
17 Bat out of Hell 11:25 Jim Steinman
bonus track
18 Is Nothing Sacred (new single version) 4:43 Jim Steinman / Don Black

Meat Loaf: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Kasim Sulton: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals & Musical Direction
John Miceli: Drums
Patti Russo: Vocals
Pearl Aday: Vocals
Tom Brislin: Piano, Vocals
Damon La Scot: Lead Guitars
Ray Anderson: Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Produced by Kasim Sulton

Recorded live in October 1998 by John Harris at Metropolis Studios, N.Y.C.

Mixed by Frank Filipetti at Right Track Recording
Additional Engineering: Jess Sutcliffe, Eric Bates
Assistant Engineers: Andrew Fellus, Steve Mazur, Pete Karam, Tim Harkins, Stephanie Gylden and Eugene Bates
Album Executive Producer: Jordan Berliant

Additional Recording: Westlake Audio (Los Angeles, CA), A&M Recording Studios (Los Angeles, CA), and Bates Brothers Recording (Birmingham, AL)
Digital Editing: Paul Angelli
A&R Coordination: Jed Groding

Mastered at Sterling Sound by Ted Jensen

Equipment: Euphonic Audio, Ashdown Amps, Stuart Spector Designs, Gibson Guitars, Furman Sound, Inc., Sonor Drums, E.O. Mari, Dean Markley, Audio Technica Microphones.

SPECIAL THANKS: Allen Kovac, Jeff Sydney, Lewis Kovac, Randy Nicklaus, Jordan Berliant, Ed Thomas, Ashley Smith, Laure Dunham, Eli Lande, Lawrence Kovcac, Carol Sloat, Dawn White, Beverly Lund, Justin Walker, Mike Lane, Jason Whittington, Barbara Bolan, Susan McEowen, Julie Du Brow, Gina Iorillo, Chuck Oliner, Kevin O’regan, Jed Grodin, Alicia Winfield, Steve Burkow, Brett & Michelle Cullen, Miles & Leslie Levy, Ty Harmon & Steve Chasman, Jonny Podell, Jim Wiatt, Janet Alhante, Antonio Banderas, Dennis Quaid, David Fincher, Kevin Hooks, Joe Cardone, Peter Chelsun, Amy Kovac, John Sykes, Bruce Gillmer, Wayne Isaac, Bill Flanagan, Mike Simon, Lauren Zalaznick, Shawn Murphy, Pete Demas, Jeff Gaspin, Robert Katz, Michael Larkin, Jessica Heacock, Mark McIntyre, Scot Reich, Ed Paparro, Catherine Furniss, Jeremy Ruby-Strauss, Judith Regan, Paul Oslewski, Andre Becker & everyone at Regan/Harper Collins, Earl & Peg Shuman, Harley & Maria Medcalf, Yogi & Carmen Berra, Admiral Ronald ‘Rabbit’ Christenson, Leslie, Pearl, Amanda, Winnie & Gussie

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Label Beyond / BMG Cat.No. 63985-78065-2 Format CD Year 1999 Country USA

Lawyers, Guns and Money

Well, I went home with the waitress
You know—the way I always do
Well, how was I to know, yeah
She was with the Russians too

Now I’m gambling in Havana
You know I took a little risk
Send lawyers, guns and money
Daddy, won’t you get me out of this?

I’m an innocent bystander
Oh but somehow I got stuck
Between a rock and a hard place
And I’m down on my luck
Oh yeah, I’m down on my luck
Oh yeah, I’m down on my luck
Oh baby, I’m down on my luck
I’m so far down I don’t think I’ll ever get up
Hmm, yeah

If it weren’t for bad luck
Oh, if it weren’t for real bad luck
I would have no luck at all, yeah....
Get it on....

Now I’m stranded in Honduras
I’m a desperate man
Send lawyers, guns and money
The shit has hit the fan

Send lawyers, guns and money, whoo
Send lawyers, guns and money, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo
Come on....

Get me out of this
Send lawyers, guns and money
You know the shit has hit the fan.......

[ "Lawyers, Guns and Money" was first recorded by Warren Zevon on his 1978 album "Excitable Boy" ]

Written by Warren Zevon
© 1978 Zevon Music BMI