Meat Loaf — Bat Out Of Hell Live
with The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

1 Bat out of Hell 11:48 Jim Steinman
2 You Took the Words Right out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night) 5:16 Jim Steinman
3 Heaven Can Wait 5:09 Jim Steinman
4 All Revved Up With No Place To Go 5:22 Jim Steinman
5 Two out of Three Ain’t Bad 5:42 Jim Steinman
6 Paradise by the Dashboard Light 11:07 Jim Steinman
7 For Crying Out Loud 10:45 Jim Steinman
8 I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That) 11:10 Jim Steinman
9 Couldn’t Have Said It Better 8:13 James Michael / Nikki Sixx
1 Two out of Three Ain’t Bad (Live with The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) 8:44 Jim Steinman
2 Couldn’t Have Said It Better (original music video) 5:44 James Michael / Nikki Sixx
3 Did I Say That? (original music video) 4:53 James Michael
+ Photo Gallery — Live in Australia, Feb. 2004
+ Audio Only (in Stereo and Surround Sound)
  1. Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through
  2. I’d Lie for You (And That’s the Truth)
  3. Dead Ringer for Love
Jim Steinman
Diane Warren
Jim Steinman

Recorded live at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia on February 20 and 22, 2004

Meat Loaf and “The Neverland Express” featuring Patti Russo
Kasim Sulton: Bass/Backing Vocals/Musical Director
John Miceli: Drummer
Mark Alexander: Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Paul Crook: Guitar
Randy Flowers: Guitar/Keyboards/Backing Vocals
C.C.: Backing Vocals

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Keith Levenson
All other instruments played by The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Arrangements / Orchestration by Keith Levenson
Additional Arrangements by Andrew Wilder and Anne Shuttlesworth
Mixed by Peter Mokran at Conway Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Assistant Engineer: Eric Weaver

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
First Violins: Wilma Smith (co-concertmaster), Peter Edwards (assist. principal), Kirsty Bremner, Gretta Bull, Peter Exton, Peter Fellin, Deborah Goodall, Kirstin Kenny, Eleanor Mancini, Anne Martonyi, Mark Mogilevski, Alison Raynor
Second Violins: Rudolf Osadnik (principal), Robert Macindoe (assoc. principal), Mary Allison, Hellen Ayres, Isin Cakmakcioglu, Cong Gu, Andrew Hall, Christine Johnson, Philip Lajta, David Shafir, Mathtew Tomkins, Isy Wasserman
Violas: Trevor Jones (assoc. principal), Paul McMillan (assist. principal), Simon Collins, Christopher Moore, Isabel Morse, Roisa Pasteur, Fiona Sargeant, Cindy Watkins
Cellos: Sarah Morse (assoc. principal), Miranda Brockman, Joan Evans, Keith Johnson, Angela Sargeant, Andrew Weiss
Double Basses: Steve Reeves (principal), Trevor James, Suzanne Lee
Flutes: Prudence Davis (principal), John Jones
Piccolo: Andrew Macleod (principal)
Oboes: Vicki Philipson (assoc. principal), Matthew Tighe
Clarinet: David Thomas
Bass Clarinet: Jonathan Craven (principal)
Bassoon: Brock Imison (principal), Natasha Thomas
Horns: Graeme Evans (principal), Geoff Lierse (assoc. principal), Russell Davis, Trinette McClimont
Trumpets: Tristam Williams (assoc. principal), Julie Payne, William Evans
Trombone: Brett Kelly (principal)
Bass Trombone: Eric Klay
Tuba: Fabian Russel (principal)
Timpani: John Arcara
Percussion:Robert Clarke (principal), Robert Cossom, Christine Turpin

Trevor Green: Managing Director
Colin Cornish: Artistic Administrator
Barbara Glaser: Orchestra Manager
Chen Le Cornu: Director of Marketing
Robyn Hollands: Director of Development
Peter McCory: Business Manager
Lucy Papworth: Assistant Orchestra Manager
Aernout Kerbert: Production Manager
Richard Whitehouse: Production Co-Ordinator
Robert Janke: Production Assitant

Recorded by Remote Recorders — Cameron McCauley, James Cadsky, Greg Wales and Ern Rose

Additional Production and Mixed by Peter Mokran
Mixed at Conway Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Assistant Engineer: Eric Weaver
Mastered at Bernie Grundman, Los Angeles, CA

Design: Smay Vision
Photos by Martin Philbey

Management: 10th Street Entertainment
Management Consultant to Meat Loaf: Deborah Gillespie

Special Thanks: Bob Quandt, Joe Lennane, Cheryl Hall, George Wehrlin, Tim Coakley, Mark McArthur, Charlie Milton, Joe Libretti, George Bade, Michael Conrader, Pam Lewis, Don Gordon, Josh Katzman, Rachel Sheff, Todd Gelfand, Jeff Gillman, Earl Shuman, John Giddings, Allan Kovaac, Fred Davis, Andrew Bergamn, Lucian Grainge, Greg Castell, Tom Lipsky, Merck Mecuriadis.

“Did I Say That” video directed by Martin Weisz © 2003 Micheal Aday (p.k.a. Meat Loaf)

If you have this CD, you’re a real fan!!

Thanks & “Keep Rockin”
[signed] Meat Loaf

Label Mercury Cat.No. 9868069 Format CD+DVD Year 2004 Country EU Notes lim. ed.