Pavarotti and Friends 3: Together for the Children of Bosnia

9 Come Back To Sorrento (Torna a Surriento) * 3:25 Ernesto de Curtis / Giambattista de Curtis / Claude Aveling, arr. Chairamello
12 Heaven Can Wait 5:21 Jim Steinman

Live from the Parco Novi Sad, Modena, on 12 September 1995
In the presence of Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales

Thanks to L’Orchestra Filarmonica di Torino
Conductors Micheal Kamen and Marco Armiliato *

Producer: Mike Woolcock
Recording Engineer: John Pellowe
Assistant Engineers: Neil Hutchinson, Stephen McLaughlin, Michael Stuart
Recording Editors: Eddie Jones & Jenni Whiteside
Recording Location: Parco Novi Sad, Modena, 12 September 1995
Concert Coordinator: Thomas Reisz

Nicoletta Mantovani: Artistic Producer

Thanks to the artists’ generosity, a significal contribution from the proceeds of this recording is being donated to War Child’s Mostar Music Center.

Meat Loaf appears courtesy of Virgin Records Limited and MCA Records Inc.

Label Decca Cat.No. 452 100-2 Format CD Year 1996 Country DE

Torna a Surrientu / Come Back to Sorrento

Pavarotti: Vide ‘o mare quant’e bello!
Spira tantu sentimento
Comme tu a chi tiene mente
Ca scetato ‘o faie sunna’

Guarda, gua’ chistu ciardino
Siente, sie’ sti sciure arece
Nu prufumo accussì fino
Dinto ‘o core ase ne va

E tu dice: "I’ parto, addio!"
T’alluntane da stu core
Da la terra de l’ammore
Tiene ‘o core ‘e nun turna’?

Ma nun me lassa’
Nun darme stu turmiento!
Torna a Surruento
Famme campa’!

Meat Loaf: Hear the music of the waters
Bells of tender passion sighing
Like thy heart to which go flying
All my thoughts in wakefull dream

See the lovely dewy garden
Breathing orange perfumed greetings
Nought can set my heart a-beating
Like the fragrance of its bloom

Now I hear that thou must leave me
Thou and I will soon be parted
Canst thou leave me broken hearted?
Wilst thou never more return?

Pavarotti: Ma nun me lassa’
Nun darme stu turmiento!
Meat Loaf:Back to Sorrento
Pavarotti:Famme campa...

Ernesto de Curtis / Giambattista de Curtis / Claude Aveling, arr. Chairamello
Casa Editrice F. Bideri / Eleven East Corporation