Karla DeVito — Just Like You

A Just Like You 3:22 Karla DeVito
B Just Like You 3:22 Karla DeVito

Produced by Bill House
Executive Producer: Dick Wingate

Taken from the Epic Lp: "IS THIS A COOL WORLD OR WHAT?" NFE 37014

Demonstration. Not for sale.

Label Epic Cat.No. 14-02769 Format 7″ Year 1981 Country US Notes promo, same song both sides

Just Like You

Can we move out of this stark pale light?
Honey, I feel so pale tonight
I know you feel it too: I’m just like you

You say you’re falling short of the mark again
You’re staggering thru the park, again
All I can say is, Me, too—I’m just like you

Well, I can be cool and I can be smart
But I never wanted to break your heart
I pray you know it’s true—I’m just like you

I gave everything that I had to give
’Til my heart was leaking, just like a sieve

Yes, I changed my plans—it’s true
I guess that makes me just like you

Just like you

I think of the perfect thing to say
Usually 20 minutes too late
When everything is thru
Just like you

And I learned to be tough and I learned to be cruel
Doesn’t make a damn bit of difference
I can still be made anybody’s fool—just like you

I’m nervous when I know I’m gonna see you again
But one look in your eyes: it’s still the same

It’s been a year or two
And I’ve made my own world
Just like you

We have a beginning but there’ll be no end
‘Cause we’re always going to be best friends (that’s if you want to)

I’m just like you
I still like you… Mr. Cool...

(Karla DeVito)
© 1980 Songs of Bernadette