Robby Benson & Karla DeVito — Songs from “I’m Not Dead… Yet!”

1Robby Benson — Forever3:57
2Robby Benson — Good Guys Win3:58
3Robby Benson — I Believe in Fate2:36
4Robby Benson & Karla DeVito — Let Me In5:12
5Robby Benson — Let’s Get a Colonoscopy!3:32
6Robby Benson — Mr. Weinstein’s Barber Shop3:36
7Robby Benson — My Heart Is the Sun (feat. Lyric Benson)5:11
8Karla DeVito — Nobody Makes Me Crazy (Like You Do)3:51
9Karla DeVito — Open Your Heart4:12
10Karla DeVito — Paint a Picture2:50
11Robby Benson — Problems0:13
12Robby Benson — Run to You3:17
13Robby Benson — Vivienne’s Theme2:52
14Robby Benson — Why Not Me?3:54
15Karla DeVito — Baby Boom3:00
16Robby Benson — If I Had the Wings2:27
17Robby Benson — Bang My Drum (Slowly…)3:20
18Karla DeVito — Carousel of Love4:44
19Robby Benson — Classic Problem (I Just Want a Girl Like You)2:45
20Karla DeVito — Fallin’ (feat. Stan Brown)2:50

Music and Lyrics by Robby Benson, except
“My Heart Is the Sun” Lyrics by Lyric Benson
“Nobody Makes Me Crazy (Like You Do!)” Lyrics by Karla DeVito
“Open Your Heart” Lyrics by Robby Benson and Karla DeVito
“Paint a Picture” Lyrics by Jerry Segal and Robby Benson

Piano solo on “Vivienne’s Theme” by Sterling Smith

“Forever” and “If I Had the Wings” from Open Heart — The Musical.
“Mr. Weinstein’s Barber Shop” from Die Laughing.
“Let Me In” from Open Heart — The Musical. Vocals by Robby Benson and Karla DeVito.
“My Heart Is the Sun” from the album Lyric’s Love Light Revolution Vocals by Lyric Benson.
“Paint a Picture” from Open Heart — The Musical. Vocals by Karla DeVito.
“Open Your Heart” from the upcoming album Karla 58. Vocals by Karla DeVito.

Here is an album of the 20 songs which are part of the iPad only multimedia experience created by Robby Benson for his new medical memoir I’m Not Dead… Yet!

A cross section of Robby’s compositions from early live acoustic versions of him playing and singing ‘I Believe in Fate’, and ‘Mr. Weinstein’s Barbershop’, demos for ‘Nobody Makes Me Crazy’ and ‘Falling’, ‘If I Had the Wings’ and ‘Let Me In’ from his musical Open Heart, to his most recent work (2012) producing, engineering, and co-writing Lyric Benson’s ‘My Heart is the Sun,’ Karla De Vito singing their ‘Open Your Heart’ from the upcoming album: KARLA 58, the zany ‘Let’s Get A Colonoscopy!’ (Hey, we did say I’m Not Dead… Yet! is a medical memoir!!!) plus Karla’s favorite Robby vocal -- ‘Good Guys Win’.

If you own an iPad and download his book I’m Not Dead… Yet! you get all his music for free -- because an iPad plays music and video within a book. Since all reading tablets are not created equal, we wanted to make these songs available for all electronic and print readers who want to listen.

The book is described as "A riveting medical memoir— actor/writer/director Robby Benson takes us on a candid journey from athletic soft-spoken heartthrob on Broadway and film, to husband, father, professor— and courageous survivor of 4 open-heart surgeries. From One on One, Ice Castles, The Chosen, and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast to directing Ellen and Friends, the funny and explicit narrative– with the author’s beautiful photography, career and personal photos, and helpful medical links– is a must for fans and essential reading for heart patients and their loved ones, and anyone searching for what should be the template for medical care in America."