The Dream Engine a new rock musical

1 The Historian’s Introduction 15:12
Phase One: Formation of the Tribe
2 Formation of the Tribe 0:52
3 Invocation and Formation of the Tribe (Come in the Night) * 9:26
4 Introduction to Max and Emily 0:44
5 Indoctrination Chant * 1:31
Phase Two: The Interrogation
6 The Interrogation Scene 5:54
7 Pledge of Allegiance, the Interogation Scene continues 1:57
8 Introduction to Who Needs the Young? 0:26
9 Who Needs the Young? * 4:13
Phase Three: The Seduction Scene
10 Come Home Child / Love Song * 4:07
11 The Initiation * 14:14
12 Liberation Through Pain (Firebird) * 4:03
13 Liberation Through Pleasure (Ride a Cock Horse) * 6:25
CD2: ACT ONE (continued)
Phase Four: The Induction
1 The Induction 6:08
2 Inspirational Hymn: the God Game * 4:25
Phase Five: The Analysis
3 The Analysis 3:52
4 Show Me Your Numbers 2:53
5 The Voices of Civilization * 1:34
6 The Want Ad 3:14
7 Hymn to Fire (When Your City is Burning) / Pyro * 11:05
1 Entr’acte; solo by the band "Sundance" (instrumental) * 9:35
2 Keep on Truckin’ * 3:51
3 Keep on Truckin’ (continued) * 3:42
4 The Invasion and Slaughter of the City * 1:00
5 Emily Respects Uniforms 0:23
6 Mother River Song * 6:25
7 Max Returns 3:18
8 Emily Meets the Captured Baal 1:10
9 The Revolution in Words and Music I 0:11
10 The Song of the Dream Engine (Hear the Screams) * 5:12
11 The Revolution in Words and Music II 0:14
12 Baal’s Delerium and Call to the City * 4:13
13 Dream of the American Revolution Reborn—
The Golden Age of Dying
14 Street Fighting Prayer * 3:07
15 This is How You Bury the Skull of Your Country 0:53
16 The Revolution in Music (instrumental) * 5:57
17 American Revolution, 1969 4:31

Titles marked * are directly derived from the transcript

Directed by Barry Keating
Book, Music & Lyrics by Jim Steinman
Music Performed by Sundance

Musical Director: Marty Brody
Lighting Designer: Ric Steliga
Costume Designer: Patter Field
Musical Numbers Staged by Joanna Mendl, George Bentley & Barry Keating
Music Arranged & Performed by Jim Steinman & Sundance
Producer: Susan Richardson
Associate Producer: Robert Nathan
Assistant Director: Jon Alper
Set Design: Barry Keating
Stage Manager: David Hills
Master Electrician: David Burroughs
Lighting Assistants: David Burroughs, Jay Williams, Tom Hoadley & Jim Linford
Sound: Tom Looker and Earl Fortin
Set Construction: Alan Wilken
Costume Assistant: Candace Dennis
Buffalo Sculpture by Tom Horan
Dream Engine Sculpture by James Goodwin

The Cast:

Historian: Barry Keating
Baal: Jim Steinman
Max: Stephen Collins
Emily: Sarah Harris
The Girl: Ellen Parks
The Tribe:
Becca Stone,
Lynne Barbee,
Renee Yuen,
Melissa Herbert,
JoAnna Mendl,
Sandy Jaspen,
Tom McKitterick,
Larry Dilg,
Ben Harris,
Steve Stern,
Aurthur Wilkins,
Bob Yarchoan
and Michael McGrath
The City:
Richard McCombs,
Josh Posner,
Jim Miller,
Timothy Nater,
David Case,
Phil Barr,
Keith Miller,
and Alan Wilken


Guitar: Jeff Southworth
Guitar, Percussion: Chip Tucker
Fender Bass: Rick Weinhaus
Organ, Guitar: Tad Lipsky
Piano, Organ, Cello: Marty Brody
Drums: Craig McNeer

Label Rockman Philharmonic Cat.No. - Format 3CD Year 199? Country USA Notes ’fanclub’ CD