The Obsidian Times

Volume 13, Issue 666

June 2100

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25 years ago today!

Strat and the Lost… Frozen in time

Photo of Strat, leader of the Lost

After a series of explosions that rocked the country and severed Manhattan from the rest of the US, a group of teenagers were trapped in an underground cave filled with noxious gasses. Thought to have been killed, the boys emerged unhurt, through over time it became clear that something bizarre had happened, their DNA had frozen and they were no longer aging.

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Raven turns 18!

Photo of Raven, daughter of Commander-in-Chief Falco

Obsidian’s princess is all grown-up

Raven, beautiful heiress to the Falco fortune, turns 18 this month. With this milestone birthday approaching, it is not yet known what effect this will have on her responsibilities in our Commander-in-Chief’s various industries and wheter we can expect her to be more active in governing Obsidian.

Until now she has been kept away from the public eye, and with unconfirmed reports suggesting that he has big plans for her, there is hope that Raven will be a lot more present going forward. Until then, from all at Obsidian Times, MANY HAPPY RETURNS.

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Group of teenages survive in mysterious circumstances

Several citizens have come forward with their own stories about what happened…

Photo of Jagwire, one of the Lost Photo of Blake, one of the Lost Photo of Tink, one of the Lost Photo of Ledoux, one of the Lost

Georgia Howard was at the scene when The Lost emerged from the rubble blocking the caves:Yes I was there and we were all terribly worried that the boys had been killed. We were thrilled when they came out of that cave looking quite chipper actually, although a but undernourished. We fed them and gave them something to drink and that was that. But I’ve seen the boys from time to time since and my gosh, it’s been 25 years, and they look exactly the same. It’s bizzare.

The following is a statement that was submitted anonymously, a fascinating theory about their bizzare unending youth:Our Commander-in-Chief has always been really tough on these kids, I remember the skirmishes when they first reappeared … viscious. He was uncompromising, possessed by his hatred of them, like he wanted to wipe them away permanently. It makes you wonder what happened in there … I’ve seen them myself looking as youthful now as they did two decades ago. But they’re not like normal kids their age, behind the eyes they’re different.

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Power cuts at record high this month

Lost still at large following latest series of attacks

Sustained raids on Commander-in-Chief Falco’s power grid facilities have resulted in a spike in the number of power cuts across Obsidian this month. Experts are suggesting that the raids increased after his plans to demolish the Deep End were leaked. Now weekly, they show no sign of abating despite the police force intesifying its search for the rebelious group The Lost, who have been linked to several attacks.

Photo of Sloane, Commander-in-Chief Falco’s wife

Sloane starts charity for urban development

Swathes of the city forgotten

Sloane, wife of Commander-in-Chief Falco, released details of her plan to redevelop lare areas of Obsidian that have been left to decay in recent decades. Over 70 percent of the city is without basic utilities, with local residents resorting to burning their rubbish in the streets, collecting rain water and shooting vermin in order to survive.

In her announcement to the public, Sloane made it clear that Obsidian has been ravaged by time and is in desperate need of rejuvenation. She hopes that this will be the start of a sustained campaign for improvement. It is not known how long this will take or what level of investment is being made by the Commander-in-Chief and his wife.

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Faulty hover car kills family in freak crash

Photo of a Hermes Hover Car

The ever reliable Hermes Hover Car claims four lives in a tragic accident, the first instance of malfunction in its history (first models rolled of the assembly line on 21 February 2090). A spokesman for Hermes, one of the largest Hover Car manufacturers in Obsidian have issued the following statement: It is with huge sadness that we came to hear about the tragic accident involving a mark III Hermes Hover Car, the first in the history of our vehicles. Our thoughts are with those affected, we ask them to rest assured that we will be making extensive enquiries into the circumstances of the accident, and that justice will be served in the fullness of time.

Commander-in-Chief Falco’s police forces are leaving no stone unturned in their search for answers, with several arrest being made quickly after the incident. It is understood that members of The Lost are being questioned about their involvement.