Ellen Foley — Young Lust

A Young Lust (edit) 3:20 Philip Rambow
B Don’t Let Go 3:56 Ian Hunter

From the Epic Lp "NIGHTOUT" JE36052

Label Epic / Cleveland Int. Cat.No. E4-8385 Format 7″ Year 1979 Country CA

Young Lust

Oh, oh ah
I don’t know what to say

People I once knew
They don’t get in touch no more
They don’t phone or write
They don’t come around my door

I been a fool in life and love they say
I wouldn’t have it any, any other way
But ah, whatever happened to this Young Lust?
Baby, Young Lust
Won’t you tell me please, Young Lust
Baby, Young Lust
Teenage love
Young Lust

And all the crumy pay
For all the lousy jobs I do
I’m slavin’ every day
I’m just tryin’ to make it through

You look so smashin’ baby, in the light
I see you every day, every day, and every night
And I just gotta, I just gotta have your Young Lust
Oh baby, Young Lust
Oh, won’t you give it to me please, Young Lust
Baby, Young Lust
Teenage, teenage, teenage, teenage
It’s lost
It’s gone, I can’t forget
Young Lust
Oh baby, Young Lust
Oh baby
Oh baby, I love you baby
Sweet baby, sweet baby
Oh baby, be my baby....