Welcome to the almost complete Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman lyric archive

Braver Than We Are

Braver Than We Are, Meat Loaf’s 13th album, has officially been released in Europe. The U.S. and other territories will have to wait a while longer, until friday September 16th, 2016.

This seemed a good occasion to finally release a complete rebuild of this website. If you experience any issues, please get in touch.

Speaking in Tongues

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly premiered Speaking in Tongues, the second single from Braver Than We Are.

Going All the Way Is Just the Start

Since the last update, we saw the release of two album tracks on Amazon, a host of preview-snippets on iTunes and the record label site (which requires Flash, so good luck with that on your mobile phones), so a bunch of lyrics are now up on the Braver Than We Are page.

But more exciting is the release of the first single, “Going All the Way Is Just the Start” featuring Ellen Foley and Karla DeVito.

Coming September 2016: Braver Than We Are

Since we now have a release date (September 9, 2016 for everywhere but the US, who’ll have to wait a week), an album cover and a tracklist, I might as well put a Braver Than We Are page up.

Allez les vampires

This friday, October 17th, 2014, Le Bal des Vampires, the French version of Tanz der Vampire, will have its premiere in Paris. To celebrate, I’ve added a page for the only official soundbite we have.

Also, the RSS feed should be working again.

Update and Redesign


So, two and a half years since the last update. Once I got it into my pretty little head that I needed to redesign this website, I’ve been working on it on an on-and-off basis—mostly off, but still. A lot of pages needed a lot of work, and by now I think I got in an acceptable-enough shape. It’ll be a little rough around some edges, but this version should work better on tablets and smartphones.

Because of the way this site is set up, maintaining it requires a fair bit of work. That’s something I hope to fix in the next itteration, which I’m currently brewing on. I hope it won’t take as long as this one.

Won’t You Take Some More

Remember those musicals that got dug up some months ago? Well, I finally got round to adding pages for the The Dream Engine and More Than You Deserve audition tapes.

Most of the songs on the The Dream Engine audition tape are known from the live recording. The only ‘new’ track is "You’ve Got to Love Me with the Sun in Your Eyes Until the Day That You Go Blind".

The More Than You Deserve tape contains more previously unheard material, including songs from Jim’s score for The Good Woman of Szechuan . "Song of the Golden Egg" and "Souvenirs" are pretty rad.

If you want to hear these tapes, see my previous post. Meanwhile, recordings of the two final performances of More Than You Deserve came to light. You can find links to those on The Rockman Record

Finally, I went to Seinäjoki, Finland to see Tanz der Vampire. I posted a review on my weblog. There’s a post on the the novel Whistle Down the Wind there as well.

Hell in a Handbasket

On September 29th, Meat Loaf’s latest album Hell in a Handbasket has been released in Australia and New Zealand. (Which is quite a quick turnover, just 18 months behind Hang Cool Teddy Bear.)

Like a good boy, I pre-ordered a copy, and it arrived yesterday. Like a good web master, I got busy, and now all the Hell in a Handbasket lyrics are up.

I’ll review the album in due time.

Over the last few months I’ve acquired some missing singles and additional versions. Highlights include:

All of Me

Meat Loaf’s upcoming album Hell in a Handbasket will be released in Australia and New Zealand on September 29th. The first single, All of Me is out now. But only if you can access the Australian iTunes store. Which is still as stupid as a couple of months ago, when I posted this little rant on selling music on the internet.

Also, I’ve added pages for the Everything Louder Tour and Monsters of Rock 1983 programmes to the tour programmes section.

(updated 2011-08-28)

Tour Programs, Phase Four

This is a quick update, not the one I promised last time. I’ve added a few tour programs, and updated the rest a bit. Eventually, when they’re all done, I’ll start up the scanner for some images. (By the way, if someone has got a spare copy of the Hang Cool Tour Program… I’m looking for one.)

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